Individual Registration

Member of a group or team?

Are you a member of a group or team that will advance register 10 or more competitors? If so, please speak with your team leader who can provide you with your group/team coupon code that will offer you the same amazing current discount plus all the of the group/team advance registration benefits!


When registering you may use either an advertised discount code (see below) or a Team/Group discount code. Using a Team/Group discount code that has been provided to your Team Leader will always earn you either the Team Discount or the best currently advertised discount; which is better, so if you have a Team Discount Code available, you should use that so that your registration will be included in your Team/Group Report.

Please Note: Until you enter the coupon code (near the end of the registration process) the Normal Rates will appear in your shopping cart. Discount code (if available) must be applied while checking out, you must enter the code, see the actual discount applied to your order, then make the payment. We are not responsible for discount codes not properly applied to your order. All sales are final.