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Infinity Martial Arts

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About Team Infinity

Team Infinity, based in Madison, WI, is a distinguished professional martial arts team led by head coach Mike Welch, alongside co-captains Noell Jellison and Will Nevitt. Known for their dynamic performances, the team has evolved significantly over the years, integrating new members, music, and innovative choreography, continually pushing the boundaries of their artistry and skill. Their dedication and passion for martial arts shine through in every performance, captivating audiences and inspiring future generations of athletes.

Accolades and Notable Accomplishments

– Won Team Demo 15 years in a row – All of the coaches of Team Infinity are Diamond Ring winners for individual divisions with Team Demo -Nolan Grunwald and Trey Dietrich have both been consistent in winning their individual divisions with stage performances. -Noell Jellison is the manager of Infinity Martial Arts – Sun Prairie, has won 2 ISKA titles, featured in the movie “Logan”, and worked with Hyper Martial Arts in America’s Got Talent. -Will Nevitt is the new owner of Limitless Martial Arts in Roscoe, IL -Team Infinity members compete in multiple divisions including, team sync, cmx fomrs/weapons, traditional forms/weapons, and team demo.