Sofia Rodriguez-Florez

Team Infinity

United States
Age: 2023


ISKA Champion

Team Infinity

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About Sofia Rodriguez-Florez

Sofia started practicing Martial Arts at the age of 4 years old. To date she has been practicing them for 9 years. The first martial art she practiced was TaeKwon-Do and as she grew up, she transitioned to Goju Ryu. Sofia enjoys competing not only in forms but has won multiple awards with her sparring and most recently she started competing with the Bo staff for Traditional Weapons. From a very young age Sofia was exposed to martial arts and competitions from watching and supporting her brother Diego. She would love to be part of all the practices. Since she started competing her dream became to be part of Team Infinity like her brother. She was invited to join Team Infinity in 2019. Sofia has competed in both Open Tournaments as well as WKF Style Tournaments. Three things that you may not know about her are that Sofia and her brother Diego have a YouTube Channel called DG & Pia where they document a lot of their adventures and competitions in Martial Arts, her nick-name is Pia and she loves to practice tricking and she did Allstar Cheer for many years.

Accolades and Notable Accomplishments

2019: NASKA World Champion in Traditional Forms and Sparring *2018: NASKA World Champion in Traditional Forms *2017: WKC World Silver Medal in Sparring *2015: WKC World Bronze Medal in Sparring