Michael Molina


United States
Age: 2023


ISKA Champion


Team Affiliation
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About Michael Molina

From the day he was born, Michael “ShowTime” Molina was in a Dojo watching and learning from his sister Kodi. She taught him what hard work and strong, fundamental martial arts looks like and how it leads to World Titles, Grand Championships and dominance in the sport of competitive karate. At age 2 Michael came off the sideline and out of his sister’s shadow to dawn his first Taekwondo Gi. With his juice bottle in hand, he displayed to his instructors that he was special and would one day excel in martial arts with masterful performances, dominate fighting and precise forms. At only 9, Michael was already considered to have unlimited potential and built a reputation on the tournament circuit as tough, intense, and powerful. Now 11, he is affectionately known as “Super Bomb” for his strength and martial arts explosion and intensity in and out of the ring. Michael trains out of ShowTime Dojo in San Antonio, Texas. His training includes strength, speed, agility, Lacrosse and conditioning at RoJo Dojo where Michael trains with world leaders, pioneers and champions of the Martial Arts community.

Accolades and Notable Accomplishments

25 x Black Belt World Champion 55 x Black Belt Grand Champion