Luca Ricotti

Diamond G3

United States
Age: 2022


ISKA Champion

Diamond G3

Team Affiliation
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About Luca Ricotti

My name is Luca Ricotti, and I’ve been participating in the world of NASKA competition for a significant portion of my life. Since the young age of 5, I’ve dedicated myself to martial arts, practicing and accumulating 12 years of experience across various types including traditional karate, kickboxing, and jujitsu. Currently, I represent Team Diamond G3 under the guidance of my coach, Sensei Damian Rodriguez. For my training in Traditional forms, or kata, I have the privilege of learning from Sensei Ariel Torres, an esteemed Olympic medalist. Both Senseis have been important figures in shaping not just my skills as an athlete and competitor, but also in developing my personal growth. At only 17 years old, I compete in the 18+ division for traditional forms, achieving notable success as the youngest competitor to secure an overall grand championship on stage. I eagerly anticipate the future of my martial arts journey within the NASKA circuit and look forward and remain open to the opportunities it holds for me.

Accolades and Notable Accomplishments

– 2023 Diamond Nationals Junior Overall Forms Grand Champion – 2023 Pan Americans Junior Overall Forms Grand Champion – 2024 Quebec Open Men’s 18+ Forms Grand Champion (At the age of 17) – 2024 Pan Americans Men’s 18+ Forms Grand Champion (At the age of 17)