Kameren Ali-Dawson

Team Paul Mitchell Martial Arts

Age: 2023


ISKA Champion

Team Paul Mitchell Martial Arts

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About Kameren Ali-Dawson

As Salaam Alaikum (Peace be upon you) !
I am Kameren Ali . I am a proud Father , Husband , and Business Owner. On a day to day
I am training hard for competition, bettering all of my students at Maryland’s Best Karate , and training the local believers at Muhammad Mosque #6 here in Baltimore , Maryland . I strive every day to better myself mentally , physically, professionally, and spiritually as I am chasing the beautiful example set before all of us by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan .

Accolades and Notable Accomplishments

Age: 27 Height: 6’1 Weight: 225 lbs. From: Baltimore, Maryland Styles: Dawson’s Chung Do Kwan TaeKwon-Do & V.S.K Jiu Jitsu Instructors: GrandMaster , Gerald “Awesome” Dawson Grandmaster Abdul Azziz Muhammad Soke Lil John Davis Rank: 9th Degree Black Belt Head of Dawson’s CDK Organization Place of Practice: Maryland’s Best Karate Favorite Technique: Back Fist Biggest Martial Arts Influence: Soke, Anthony “Mafia” Holloway Sport Karate Career Accomplishments: Baltimore’s Karate Hall of Fame Inductee Youngest person to ever win a NASKA men’s division at the age of 17. Youngest person to ever be added to Team Paul Mitchell’s fighting team. Youngest person to ever win a NBL national overall in men’s’ sparring Inducted into the “Karate Kids Choice Awards” Hall of Fame Inducted in the “Baltimore’s Martial Arts Community” Hall of Fame Overall Team Grand Championship Hungarian Fighting Cup (Team Kiraly/JPM) Heavy Weight 1stPlace at Pan American Internationals 2023 Heavy Weight Diamond Ring Winner 3x Heavy Weight 1stPlace at the Diamond Nations 3x Heavy Weight 1stPlace AKA Grand Nationals 2x Heavy Weight 1stPlace Grand Slam Nationals Men’s Overall Open Weight Grand Champion Grand Slam Nationals 2 x Heavy Weight 1stPlace Kumite Classics 2xHeavy Weight Overall Dixie Land Nationals 2x Heavy Weight 1stPlace at the ISKA U.S Open Heavy Weight Overall Champion at the Las Vegas Open Heavy Weight 1stPlace at New England Open Heavy Weight Overall 1stplace Cancun Challenge Overall Winner of the Kumite Classics 3x Maryland Victory Cup Champion (3x) Philly Pro Am Overall Heavy Weight Grand Champion 2x King of New York Overall Heavy Weight Grand Championship Central Bay State Karate Championships Overall Mens Overall Grand Champion 2x Connecticut Open Men’s Grand Champion 2x Tri- State Open Men’s Grand Champion 2x Battle of Atlanta Heavyweight Grand Champion 3x ISKA U.S Open Heavyweight Grand Champion Ocean State Super Fight Grand Champion Charity Seminar in Guatemala for underprivileged Children Pan Ams 2x Heavy Weight Overall Grand Champion Virtual Fight Tour Heavyweight Champion