Judah Sagawa

Team Freestyle

San Diego
Age: 14


ISKA Champion

Team Freestyle

Team Affiliation
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About Judah Sagawa

Judah is the middle child of 3 boys in San Diego. He was inspired to begin his martial arts career after watching Team Freestyle win the Demo Team ISKA title in 2016 & 2017. He found that he excels in tricking, even executing double full twists in his 9 & under divisions. Now age 14, he is a leader on Team Freestyle and competes on the demo team and individually, currently holding 4 ISKA titles and 22 Naska World Titles.

Accolades and Notable Accomplishments

*22 Naska black belt world titles since 2021 *36x Naska divisional Grand Champion (cmx forms, cmx weapons, trad weapons) *21x Naska OVERALL Grand Champion *defending U.S. Open ISKA World Champion (cmx forms and weapons 13 & under) Maintains a 4.2 GPA in school while training and working at his dojo.