Erica Goldt

Team AKA

South Carolina,
United States
Age: 16


ISKA Champion

Team AKA

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About Erica Goldt

Erica Goldt is a 3rd degree Black belt in taekwondo, holds multiple World Titles, and has been training for the last 10 years. She graduated high school as a member of the National Honors Society at the age of 16 and is currently taking classes at Lee College in pursuit of a business degree concentrating in Songham Taekwondo. She had been an instructor for the past 2 years and continues to teach part time while attending college. 

Accolades and Notable Accomplishments

Erica Goldt entered into the NASKA circuit 2 years ago and has established herself as a perennial top 10 winner with 20 top ten titles to her name so far. She still competes in ATA and holds over 20 district tiles as well as several World Titles over the past 5 years. Her achievements are just as impressive off the mats. She had graduated with honors at the age of 16, was a member of the Beta Club and started taking college courses at 15 years old. Erica holds a level two instructor certificate as well a being a certified judge in ATA and continues to teach.