Alyss Groce

Tiger Rock

United States
Age: 2023


ISKA Champion

Tiger Rock

Team Affiliation
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About Alyss Groce

Alyss began practicing martial arts at the age of 3 and earned a 3rd degree black belt in taekwondo. In 2016 she started competing in the NASKA circuit at age 8 and her instructor is Caitlin Dechelle. Her accomplishments in the sport led to opportunities in stunt acting, including a role as a stunt double in the film ‘Coming 2 America 2.’ Alyss is also an accomplished cheerleader, specializing in tumbling and competing at the highest level. She aims to continue her career in college. Interesting facts about Alyss include her being the first girl to throw a double full on the Night of Champions stage. Her best tumbling skill is a triple full. She is also an avid dog lover and owner of six Alaskan Malamutes, each over 100 pounds. Alyss enjoys thrilling roller coaster rides with the slingshot being number 1 on her bucket list

Accolades and Notable Accomplishments

Overall cmx champion (title) Tiger Rock world champion Stunt double Summit cheerleader champion