U.S. Open ISKA Breaking Divisions

ISKA Breaking divisions are the pinnacle of breaking. These action-packed divisions pit the best of the best in breaking all competing for the title of ISKA World Breaking Champion. There are only 4 ISKA breaking divisions and you must be invited to enter them. If you want to participate in ISKA breaking and want to see if you qualify, contact ISKA breaking director Chris Lee at leenanju@aol.com to apply or send him footage of you in competition so he can determine if you can be part of the breaking elite.

To register for ISKA Breaking, use the regular registration page and choose your ISKA divisions. Remember, you must have first qualified and be invited to participate in ISKA Breaking.

The 4 ISKA Breaking divisions in this year’s US Open are:

  • ISKA Power Concrete Arm/Hand
  • ISKA Three Directional Power Wood Strikes
  • ISKA Creative Breaking
  • ISKA Power Concrete Kicks

Group Registration – Request a Group/Team Discount Code for your group or team of 10 or more competitors by filling out this ONLINE FORM.

International Invitation Letter – We welcome international competitors. Use our online form to request an international invitation letter.

Friday Breaking Divisions are USBA/WBA, if you need to order breaking materials for USBA/WBA divisions, please click on: Order USBA/WBA Materials

Attention breaking competitors!!!!!!!

Deadline for ordering materials is June 26th!!!!!!!

The 2016 US Open is almost here. We have received many registrations. In order to complete the registration for materials, set up and seeding, you must go to the links below and complete the materials ordering process (wood and concrete). If you are interested in becoming a USBA/WBA Member we will be offering a discount for those that sign up at the US Open. Membership IS NOT required to compete.

If you have registered for the USBA/WBA Breaking Divisions on Friday July 8th please be sure to order your materials by June 26th. Go to http://usopenmaterials.usbawba.com/.

If you are interested in bringing your breaking technique to the next level, and learning from some of the top competitive breakers in the World, register for the USBA/WBA Breaking Seminar on Thursday July 7th- http://www.usopenseminar.usbawba.com/. Master Jonathan Field (USBA/WBA and ISKA champion) and Nick Zambri (USBA/WBA and ISKA champion) will be instructing.

The World's Most Family Friendly Event | Broadcast Live on ESPN2 and ESPN3
The World's Most Family Friendly Event | Broadcast Live on ESPN2 and ESPN3