If you have participated at a karate tournament before, chances are you have experienced that you registered the wrong division, or simply you changed your mind about a division and want to exchange it. This is a common issue at tournaments and one of the causes for long lines at registration tables.

With intelREG you are able to exchange divisions as many times as needed, any time you want directly from your account.

Here’s how:

1- Login to your account. Then click on the My Orders link on top menu bar.

2- From the list of orders, click on the Details button next to the order you want to update. Important! Please make sure the order status is displayed as Paid. Exchange divisions are only allowed for paid orders.

3- You will be taken to the order details screen. From the list of divisions, click on the Exchange button next to the division you want to exchange.

4- A list of all available divisions will be displayed. Click on the Select button next to the division you want.

5- That’s it! You will be taken back to the order details screen with updated division.

No more long lines at registration tables! That’s our ultimate goal at DIGITEGO. In fact, we want to exterminate lines at all, and intelREG’s “Exchange Divisions” feature is a step forward to accomplish it.