2018 Camp WKC
July 5th -7th 2018 | Be part of it!


WKC Trainig Camp! Join superstars from the World Karate and Kickboxing Commission (WKC) in this exciting training opportunity for competitors of all skill levels, ages and associations. This camp will run on Thursday, July 5, 2018 from 6:00 p.m. through 8:30 p.m. Participants may choose up to two options for training or can train in the same topic for the entire camp. Training Options: Traditional Kata: Work on stances, breathing, technique, power and presence with Suba Shrestha, the current WKC Women’s Traditional Kata Champion. You will improve your competition skill level in this training.


Bo: A rare opportunity to train with World Champion Michael Bernardo is offered if you choose the weapons portion of Camp WKC. Bernardo is the king of the bo and has trained superstar competitors like Casey Marks. A former competitor himself, Mr. Bernardo will help you to improve your bo basics and advanced techniques and give you that extra boost needed to be a champion.


Point Sparring/Speed Fighting: Robbie Lavoie has been sparring since before he could walk and he has the titles and the experience to prove it. Lavoie will bring out your best with an exciting sparring course that will help you learn the secrets to sparring success.


Additional instructors may be added to the roster and participants will be notified if more WKC superstars join in.


Register while registering for your US Open competition through the Registration system. If you only want to do the camps and not register to compete, go to the seminars/tickets section.

The World's Most Family Friendly Event | Broadcast Live on ESPN2 and ESPN3
The World's Most Family Friendly Event | Broadcast Live on ESPN2 and ESPN3